International student hackathon
by National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"
10 — 14 Sep 2017
Moscow, Russia

What is VisionHack?The VisionHack artificial intelligence and computer vision international student hackathon will be held at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST MISIS) in Moscow, Russia on 11-13 September 2017. The VisionHack is a full-fledged hackathon that will last three full days. The agenda also includes a "ZERO" day for meeting fellow participants and networking (10 September) as well as two days for becoming acquainted with the NUST MISIS upon the completion of the main event (14-15 September).

In order to participate, you should be a student or post-graduate student that was still studying in a university in June 2017

What about prizes?
$ 12 000 for 1st place
$ 6 000 for 2st place
$ 1 000-3 000 Special Jury Prize

Registration is open till July 31

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General Provisions
The participants are challenged to solve a complex problem connected to computer vision. For an indication of the type of problem to be solved during the final round of the competition, please review the example below. To solve the problem, it is necessary to write a program. The program's operational results in the form of a pre-test will be verified electronically. The participants are to use only their own computers during the course of the competition and may apply any software of their choice. The organizers do not provide computers for solving problems. At the jury's request the participants must be ready to demonstrate the program's operation using one or several test video files.

List of Recommended Programs and Libraries —
OpenCV, FFMpeg, or other resource for video files and frames. Eigen, SciPy, and other resources to simplify and accelerate calculations.

Round General Description
Participants receive the task specification in the natural language.
The Training Set, the Validation Set and model output text file are available for this task. During the competition participants have to develop a program capable of solving the task and providing results in the specified format.
1 or 2 hours before the round ends, the Final Test Set will be presented. Before the round ends participants have to deliver the output of their program for the Final Test Set in the specified format. Upon the round completion only the last valid submission will be considered.

Our Experts
Max Holden
Founder & Art Director
Eva Stark
Customers Support
Julia Bush
Design Director
How registration works
1) Fill the form
Tell us your name, email and major information. Registration is available both for individuals and team members
2) Get login/password
In a day we will send your login and password to your email. They will let you enter the evaluation system of the testing task
3) Log in to the system
And fill in your solution till August 17 visiontest.misis.ru
4) Selection result
Wait for the results of selection till August 25
Team registration

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